Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's get behind Christine O"Donnell in Delaware!

I've been watching and reading about Christine O'Donnell for a while. I've been impressed and I think my fellow Tea Party / conservative / 912 project friends will be impressed with her, too. She's up against an insider Republican, Rep. Mike Castle. He is Delaware's 9-term at-large congressman and a former 2-term governor of the state. He has powerful money, powerful friends and powerful insider support. He voted for Cap & Trade... which is enough of a reason NOT to support him as far as I'm concerned. However, as I read more about him it turned into blah, blah, blah, more of the same old, same old entrenched RINO type Republican. He knows the game.

Christine on the other hand comes from a large family, doesn't have the insider, "you slap my back and I'll slap yours" big dollar support, and has strong conservative values, the kind we need in Washington. She's running a grassroots, feet on the ground, campaign. She needs your feet, your support and your good wishes. If you have friends in Delaware, see what you can do to get them on board and behind her campaign.

The "machine" is coming after her with some negative publicity (gee, she isn't rich, as if that's a negative for most of us!). When they start coming after you with a whisper, innuendo campaign, you know you're becoming a thorn in their side.

Christine is one of six children and said her childhood taught her life was "hard, but hard work can overcome anything." She has been a commentator on FOX and other outlets and has been a marketing consultant and political activist. She ran for the US Senate against Biden in 2006 and is running again against Mike Castle, RINO Republican, and a Democrat named Coons.

I hope you'll do a little research, then consider sending a few dollars her way if you can. If we can get a true conservative in Delaware it'll really strengthen our fight for this country.

Red State/ Erick Erickson: Replacing the Old Guard
And if we can, I say we go with Ovide LaMontagne in New Hampshire and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. Let’s go all and all in for small government conservatives. This year is our last best chance in a long time to get a slate of solid conservatives.

Modcon endorses Christine O'Donnell in Delaware
March 22, 2010
The one authentic conservative running for the U.S. Senate from Delaware this year is Christine O'Donnell, a marketing consulant and TV commentator (FOX and other outlets). Christine is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment constitutional and social conservative. Her opponent in the Republican primary is Mike Castle, an Arlen Specter-type "Republican" who voted for cap-and-trade. The Democrat in the race, Chris Coons, is an Obamabot who never saw anything in the Obama agenda that he couldn't embrace.

Can Christine O'Donnell win this race? In a Rasmussen Poll last December, she was running a competitive race against hypothetical Democrat candidate, Beau Biden, Joe's son. That poll may have been a factor in Beau's staying out of the race. In the Rasmussen Poll, Christine was outpolling Beau almost two-to-one among Independents.

Christine O'Donnell may well surprise the political world as much as Scott Brown did in MA!

Modern Conservative is delighted to endorse a true "modern conservative," Christine O'Donnell.

Here's a 2008 article Christine wrote for Townhall:

Obama Supports Global Tax From United Nations
For an entire week, Americans watched as Senator Barack Obama took his act on the road, courting the European elitists and cowtowing to an endless array of foreign politicians. At this point it may be easy to take Obama’s “celebri-plomacy” lightly. Yet, his trip highlights a dangerous threat to America’s national sovereignty in the form of his globalist policies that will diminish America’s role in the world and outsource decisions of vital national interest to the United Nations.

And a 2008 Politico article on her run against Joe Biden:

Joe Biden's other female foe

In his debate with Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday, Joe Biden told the American public that “all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington, or go to Katie’s Restaurant” to get a sense of how people feel about the economy.

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