Sunday, March 7, 2010

Listening to Sebilius...

Heard her twice now. First go around she referenced the poll that showed Americans wanting healthcare reform / change when asked point by point, issue by issue. I'm with them on a lot of the answers. I'd say yes to changing specific things regarding our healthcare / insurance system.

However, if you tagged this phrase to the end of any point-by-point question "and do you want the Federal government and/or Congress to implement the changes" my answer would be the opposite.

Keep Congress, keep Obama, keep Washington D.C., keep the Federal government OUT OF IT.

How're we going to do it? Same way we've done many other things in this country. It starts with all of us out here who've now realized we CAN make a change in not just our government, but in the marketplace. It's OK if we end up making state-level changes, too.

OK, I'm done for the moment. Let's stop Congress from killing healthcare with their government - enlarging bill and then lets tackle the healthcare issue as Americans, as capitalists, as those who pay the bills and support the healthcare / insurance industries.

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