Monday, March 22, 2010

The "REAL" Stupak... saying he'd vote for healthcare even if it funds abortion...

All along I've been thinking that Michigan's Bart Stupak was just trying to have his day in the limelight, that he was a weasel. I hoped he was being true to his principles, but as you can see and hear from his own lips, very clearly he was willing to sell out all along. As a lib wrote earlier: "Now NO ONE likes him..."

I hope Michigan Right to Life follows the lead of the Susan B. Anthony List. Whether you're pro-life, pro-choice, etc. it's impossible to call this man someone who has convictions of any sort.

Without Stupak the IRS wouldn't now be gearing up to treat your healthcare choices the same way they treat you when you miss a penny on your taxes.

Obama is going to claim a double whammy on this one... he's going to "create" 15,000 - 16,000 new jobs at the same time he just took over healtcare and the education loan business.

Are people watching??? He has the auto industry, the banks, the education system, the healthcare system, he's raising taxes, getting ready to cap & tax us and he's going to have an amnesty bill that gives him the illegal alien vote to keep his butt in office.

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Cre8veheart said...

My suspicion on the Benidict Stupac issue is this)
I think they had Stupac /s vote alreasy in hand but set him up to play his part with the others n the supposed right to lif3 crowd.
They paraded the deem and pass on purpose to threaten and divert us away from noticing they had the cajones to use reconcilliation which originally we would have blasted em for. So Stu[ec was paraded to give us the fake idea that reconciliation is at least a vote but also we were told a lot they DON"T have the votes.
They tricked us into forcing an up or down on that premis allowing them to use reconcilliation that we opposed originally. They knew they had the vote all along and they played us plain and simple.
Then amazingly Im hearing from Senator Boehner in the face of that vote this was somehow a victory for Americans because we stopped em from deem and pass.
Im also hearing how we are stuck till 2013 with this country bankrupting legislation.
Listen Im beginning to see we are in a lot of trouble. We are being told to wait till Nobember but another senator just informed the host he is hearing they are energised and going to ram both illegal immigration and cap and trade through before november elections. I dont think anymore that we even have time. Just also heard that the constitutional challenges to the abomination called a healthcare bill takes years. We are I think being strung along and out to dry.