Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There's someone running down our list of bloggers leaving a comment with links for Sarah Palin fake photos or something along those lines.

Those of you who don't have comments set up to be checked before posting may want to take a look at your blogs, delete the sales pitch. I haven't checked the link, and won't, so can't tell you if it's naughty photoshopped stuff or legit person going about marketing in the wrong way.

We highly recommend setting it up so comments on your blogs are pre-screened. There's a huge effort in the works to come after conservative blogs and they start with provocative comments. Sometimes the tactic is to post something as though it's a conservative saying something nasty or racist so they can then go complain and get your blog shut down.

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Lisa Graas said...

I totally agree. Either Disqus or Intense Debate are good comment programs to use, btw, if you are using Blogger. They may work with other blogging platforms, too. My visitors are mostly respecful, thank goodness, but I get a kook now and then.