Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Intellectual Redneck blog joins the Read My Lipstick Network

First, before I tell you about our newest member, I want to give you an update on our blogroll.

We've been really, really, exceptionally patient with the blogrolling group. However, they're still down and not allowing us to update. SO, on Friday, if they're not back up, we're ditching them. We haven't been able to find an alternative blogroll host, software or code that allows us to do it ourselves so we'll be going to simply using the Read My Lipstick Network logo with a link to our main site.

If any of you would like to go ahead and make the switch, feel free to do so as I seriously doubt blogrolling will magically meet OUR deadline .

We've posted the logo here: http://rmlnblogroll.blogspot.com/ (two sizes are on the sidebar with the link). If you need help, let me know and I'll try to walk you through how to make the logo link to the website.

Now, for the really good news! We have a new member... and have two pending (waiting on them to add the logo link).

The Intellectual Redneck - http://bloggingredneck.blogspot.com/

I got a kick out of his profile: "You know that really weird guy that lives up the street? That's me."

Here's one of his posts, which I'll also be adding to my Barracuda Babes blog... and maybe a few others that I contribute to at times. We have two fights looming, the one the Intellectual Redneck writes about below and the Fairness Doctrine. I hope you'll read this and go ahead and start calling and writing to protest:

Fighting back against "Card Check" (EFCA)
The Save Our Secret Ballot organization is trying to amend state's Constitutions to force secret ballot votes for all public elections. Who would have ever thought it would have come to this in America. The secret ballot vote is as American as apple pie. Many people have given their life defending this country and our right to vote in secret as our conscience dictates. Now, unions and Democrats are trying to take that right away from workers during a unionization campaign. They are doing this with an ironically named bill titled "The Employee Free Choice Act".

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