Saturday, February 7, 2009

UPDATES ON Stimulus Everyone needs to know

From W.A.M. - Laudits to Sen. Thune (GOP/SD) for attempting to stop the HR1 Catastrophe. Voted down 36 to 61 he offered an amendment that the entire bill be scrapped and its funds be redirected to middle class tax rebates in an equal amount. Imagine how much more that would do to really stimulate the economy!

Most credit due to Senator Vitter (GOP/LA) for his also defeated amendment (45 to 51) to prevent $$ 2.2 BILLION DOLLARS of HR1 from funding A.C.O.R.N. - in the guise of "neighborhood stabilization programs!" This measure doesn't help the economy. It threatens US further as A.C.O.R.N. (now under indictment in numerous states for the vote fraud that swept Obama into office) contributed to the banking and housing collapse through its aggressive demands of unfit housing loans.) And that was only the beginning of their Master Plan!

BIGGEST DISGRACE: GOP Senate support is absolutely necessary for this package of corruption and subterfuge to pass.

Currently these 3 GOP Senators are indicating a potential to likely YES Vote on HR1. They are:

Republican Senators COLLINS AND SNOWE of MAINE and Republican Senator SPECTRE of Pennyslvania.

If they do so, we will all be subjected to dangerous laws hidden in this Socialist Stimulus for Obama backers! (See contents of W.A.M. message to Senators below for details.)

Your W.A.M. ACTION is URGENT this weekend.

If you have not yet contacted Congress with your feedback about HR1, please do so now! Moveon and Obama's other octopus arms are running a massive DIRECT CONTACT campaign to the SENATE in support of this TROJAN HORSE. Make your Voice Heard!

W.A.M. has prepared FAX letters & quick Voice Mails in your exclusive downloads- which address the real issues of worst dangers of HR1. Don't be fooled by Mass Media - all the billions in pork is the least of our worries - other than buying up Congressional votes what the pork really does is act as a cover for HR1 real agenda!

If you can, go to your W.A.M. downloads now to send a quick FAX and/or CALL the 3 Critical Senators above and your own state's. Along with quick send materials, you will find direct contact information for directly reaching Congress.

If you don't have time to PHONE AND FAX, below is a prepared EMAIL MESSAGE and the links to send it NOW to each of these 3 pivotal politicians:

Your follow-through on these quick email sends is a short cut for expressing your resistance as a voter and the WORST REASONS why! (Of course, you can also adapt this message to suit.)

If you are not yet signed in with W.A.M. to access more complete ACTION information and Materials, click here: GET INVOLVED

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