Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally giving up on blogrolling

A note to Read My Lipstick Network members:

Well, we've been more than patient and so have all of our members! You all have been wonderful as we waited for update after update promising that blogrolling would be back up tomorrow, next week, after they did this or that. It's hard to be irritated when the guys who are hosting the blogroll site are doing it at no cost... However, it's rather ridiculous for them to keep promising something they're obviously not going to deliver.

I'd like to ask all of you to take down the blogroll and instead just put up our logo. Please link it to:

If you prefer to leave the blogroll up, that's fine, it still links to the right place. Just know that we can't add any of the blogs who've joined our ranks since early November 2008.

We're going to be doing some new things to help promote your blogs in the near future. We'll keep you posted on here.

As many of our older members know, we provide a full page rss feed for most of our members on our main website. We're continuing to add more as time permits. All of us who maintain the Read My Lipstick Network have full time jobs and / or we're full time Moms (well, no matter what you do, you're a full time mom if you have kiddos at home ;-)

One last thing for all of our newer members - send us your logo and we'll add it to the slide show that rolls across the home page of our main site. Send it to readmylipstick at live dot com.

Thanks for your patience! If anyone is aware of another blogrolling host, please let us know. We much prefer to be able to use something along those lines.

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pundette said...

Done. Thanks for your continuing efforts!