Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Read My Lipstick Network members and a few tips

I spent yesterday evening going through my inbox, cleaning out all the old stuff in my "to-do" folder and guess what I found? Blogs waiting to be added to our list, blogs pending adding the logo or blogroll (which is no longer used) and some who just had questions.

I sent out my apologies and have now updated our member lists. I thought that rather than try and point to the blogs that I forgot to add and/or the new ones that have been added the past couple of days, that I'd just post the last 20 or so blogs that have been added to the list.

Lisa,, made an excellent suggestion that makes it easy for you to follow your favorite blogs. Check out We currently have 139 blogs in our membership with a few more pending, so it's kind of hard to read them all! However, try to support your fellow bloggers by following them, sharing some of their posts on your blog and / or writing about their blogs at times (with link and credit of course).

One thing that helps with search engine ranking is the number of incoming links to your blog. If you're writing about others and linking to them, chances are they'll do the same for you. We're all fighting for rank and readers. Networking helps.

Here's some of our latest blog additions: - A Conservative Voice for Moms - Conservative Cravings - Alexa Shrugged - Internet Infantry - Mental Pretzel - Sarah's Full Court Press - Gunner Sykes - The Discerning Texan - President Egobama - Caffienated Thoughts - Joe the Mom - Christians for Palin - Palin 12 (Ning site) - Palin-Berry 2012 - Sarah Palin Report - Political Jules for Love, Life and the Pursuit of Politics - New World Order - Red, White & Blue in Colorado - The Intellectual Redneck - Why Mommy is a Republican - I'm Sick of the Crap - Real True American - Weekly Political Review - One Angry American Woman - One LDS Mom - Ready to Rumble for Rush - Grammy Crackers - Snaggletoothie - Eternal Vigilance - Sarah Palin's Accomplishments - Apache Angel's Ramblings from Georgia - Living in Bizarro World - Demtactics - With Bias

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