Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another stimulus message

I'm going to be passing along some of the messages I receive re: the scamulus, porkulus, stimulus. Feel free to keep them going. We need to do everything we can to show our displeasure about how this thing is going down. We especially need to make sure Snowe, Collins and Specter hear us loud and clear. I'm planning on sending money to help their Republican opposition and I may even consider flying out there and volunteering if someone wants to take them on.

A message from Pumpkin13 to all members of THE RESISTANCE on Team Sarah!

It appears the Senate just went into recess and I believe they will not return until Monday at 1:00. At that time there will be more debate on the Stimulus Bill and at 5:30 they should hold a "Procedural Vote on the Stimulus Bill" to determine if they will continue with the bill.

If they get that far they will actually vote on the Bill (I am hearing Tuesday).

This means there is time to call your state Senators, on Monday.

Put the heat on them.

Also, contact the three Republic Senators below who have agreed to vote "yes" on the bill.

I know it is a shot in the dark but just maybe they can be swayed back to a "no"vote:

Susan Collins (R-ME) phone# 202-224-2523 and fax# 202-224-2693
Olympia Snow (R-ME) phone# 202-224-2344 and fax# 202-224-1946
Arlen Specter (R-PA) phone# 202-224-4254 and fax# 202-228-1229

I have heard that Specter is not sure how he will vote so we all really need to call or fax him.

E-mail is good but unless you reside in their state they will likely not receive your may not even be allowed to submit an e-mail.

Keep Trying Friends!

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