Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blogroll update

Of course, since we have now moved away from using the blogroll, they're ready to go live on March 2nd. SO, anyone who has the blogroll on their site still, may as well leave it. We're going to give everyone the option of using the blogroll OR the logo in the future. If you've switched to the logo already, that's great just leave it there.

One advantage to having the blogroll has always been that it's great advertising for your blogs. People can scroll down the list and see other members, find cool blogs they want to follow. We have it set up so that each time the page is renewed it re-arranges the blog list so everyone has a shot at being displayed at the top.

When they go live on March 2nd AND we've updated the blogroll, I'll send out another message letting you know.

Sorry for all the back and forth! We've been held hostage for months with this and have been more frustrated than most of you probably .

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