Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Media Malpractice

I hope everyone with the means to do so will support John Ziegler's efforts to expose the media during the election. All Sarah Palin supporters, and anyone considering a run for office, should see Media Malpractice so they can understand the lengths the media will go to support "their" candidate. We are preparing for the 2010 and 2012 elections. We need to fully understand what we're up against and try to find ways to combat this pervasive liberal campaign tool.

The cost for the DVD is very reasonable, $19.99 plus $4.50 for shipping. If you go to see a movie at the theater you'll spend at least that much these days (if you buy popcorn or soda ;-). Buy an extra copy and give it to someone who's unable to buy their own. Have a viewing at your house, make it a party! Get the word out. We need more John Zieglers!
DVD description: Documentary filmmaker John Ziegler has woven together a
compelling story using the mainstream media's own words to show how their
malpractice achieved new heights in this election and influenced the narrative
of the campaign. Carefully analyzing thousands of hours of media footage from
the past two years, Ziegler paints a stunning portrait of media malpractice that
is undeniable.

You can purchase the film directly here:

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