Monday, February 2, 2009 down

Rec'd a comment on past blog saying the site was down. Checked, verified. It's down. Not sure if it was hacked or overwhelmed by traffic. I'm trying to find out.

In the meantime you can visit to keep up with the latest.

Two groups (that I'm involved with, I know there are more) are hitting this one hard and heavy: and

Both have action groups specifically targeting stopping the stimulus and have great resources.

WAM is having a televent tonight at 8:30 p.m. (info in previous blog). TCOT has set up an action group "Move Over MoveON". They have a Ning site: with all the info you need to contact your elected spenders.

Another great thing happening is the modern "Tea Party". I popped some info on a prior blog about that one.

And... while stopping the stimulus package is certainly top priority, don't forget Sarah Palin has a birthday coming up on Feb. 11th. Take the time to send her a birthday card.


Kellie said...

I have been trying to get on all morning...I think it is down now.

minnie said...

If you can't reach try to firefox is blocking it, go to yahoo.

Anonymous said...

no stimulus website is not available. It was just advertised on Fox news, but not available. Just another example of the extreme control of the media and internet that the Obama camp has. During the campaign, our DISH network changed channels randomly and automatically to the Obama channel- it was very freaky and gave us the feeling of government control. Please guide us.

Anonymous said... is till down! So is! Went to the transparency site Obama was pushing ( It says we can find out once the bill is based!

I guess this is what they call transparency in government.

Anonymous said...

Odd the web site seems to be down again. Any chance the tech savy White House has anything to do with this?

Anonymous said...

Odd the no stimulus petition web site is down again. Any chance the tech savy White House is involved with this?

Anonymous said...

I can't reach petition to sign! What can I do? Thanks

Anonymous said...

CAN'T SIGN THE NO STIMULUS PETITION!!!! Why don't I have a say in the way my money is spent????

Whether the site was taken down or the server is overwhelmed by the number of people trying to access the site, I think this speaks volumes about how our Government is "assuming" that we support wasteful spending and a bill that creates NO permanent, productive jobs, or has the ability to have even the slightest impact on improving the economy.

Obama is misreading the election results. Yes we want change, but not for the worse!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The site is back up now.... is working. Although, service is spotty. I get a message now and then that their server is down due to high traffic. So, try again.