Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New members... new members!!!

I get a tingly feeling running down my leg... or should it be up my leg??? yeah, well, sorry, no tingly feelings, but I am very happy to have some new members joining our ranks. I think we have some of the smartest, most dedicated and intelligent bloggers on the Internet.

Sarah Palin's Accomplishments -- http://sarahs-accomplishments.blogspot.com/ You KNOW there's going to be a lot to write about on this blog. The list is long and it continues to grow. Ron finds some of the best info and does a great job of keeping a group of us posted on the latest and greatest. With the advent of this blog, you'll all be able to read and share with your readers.

Living in Bizarro World -- http://livinginbizarroworld.blogspot.com I'm sure most of you can relate to that sentiment! We really are living in a topsy-turvy-upside-down world! This one has multiple contributors. It's new, but I can already tell it's going to be a good one. Kathy just wrote her first post and it's well worth a read. If you have an interest in contributing to this blog, let me know and I'll hook you up. You know this is going to be a FUN blog.

Ready to Rumble for Rush - http://readytorumbleforrush.blogspot.com/ I set this one up in response to the attacks on Rush. My feelings are this is just part of a multi-pronged effort to kill talk radio and ultimately true free speech. I drew a line in the sand. It focuses on the efforts to shut down Rush, talk radio, the Fairness Doctrine and free speech in general. I'm looking for contributors as I really don't have time to give this effort my all at the moment.

Demtactics - http://demtactics.blogspot.com One of our Barracuda Babes set this one up a while back but she hasn't done anything with it. Well, now she's started writing so we're going to add it to the list of members. Amanda has asked her fellow Barracuda Babes to contribute when they have time, and is open to adding some more Babes if you're out there. The blog focuses on the tactics Democrats use, the direction they're taking the country, and anything related.

That brings our merry band of bloggers up to a total of 122. I'd like to grow that to 200 by the end of February... We're pretty easy to get along with . All you need to do is be willing to post the blogroll on your sidebar (or our logo link if you can't use blogrolls) AND be a conservative blogger. Well, we don't like trash talk, either. Most of our bloggers support Sarah Palin, but we don't require that the blog focus on Sarah and we have some that support other candidates or they're open to supporting any GOOD conservative candidate.

By the way, we're always open to adding new writers to any of our Barracuda Babes blogs. We're all Sarah Palin supporters and conservatives. Our blogs are wide-ranging and so are our topics. Some of the contributors write once a month, when the feeling strikes and some write regularly. If you're interested, let me know (read my lipstick at live dot com).

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