Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two more blogs join the Read My Lipstick Network

Being on Twitter, Facebook and a number of other social networks, I get invited to join a lot of great causes. I can't do them all, barely have time to keep up with the groups and causes I'm involved with already! However, to use an old Southernism, it does my heart good to see all the enthusiasm and activism.

Every day I get introduced to new bloggers out there doing their part to fight for the good ol' USA. On days like today when we watch the signing of a porkulus package that is going to erode more of the foundation our country was built upon, it's tough to find a bit of hope for our future. Adding two new members to our continually growing list of blogs shows that there are many of us continuing the battle! Add 'em to the millions of other conservatives out there and we have an army that can ultimately turn things around. Hope you can believe in. Change that matters.

Welcome to our two newest members:

http://fishwrangler.blogspot.com/ - Snaggletoothie

Here are a few of his blog titles:
Bristol Palin Interview
Rapid Fire Four Shot Cell Phone Gun
The 'Experts' And Gun Control
Faulty Reasoning Behind The 'Fairness' Doctrine

http://jeannieology.wordpress.com/ - Jeannieology

Jeannie and I met up on Facebook. I've been reading her blog posts on Facebook and was very happy to find she'd started a stand-alone blog.

Here are a few of her blog titles:
The Brotherhood of the Stinky Stimulus
What’s It All About…Barry?
Mr. Corleone Goes to Washington
The Spector, Collins and Snowe Job

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