Thursday, February 5, 2009

We'r have a chance to stop the scamulus, porkulus...

Senator Jim DeMint joined Americans for Prosperity (AFP) last night to discuss the porkulus bill. Over 10,000 listened and some were able to ask questions. I was one of those who listened as DeMint shared the latest on the scam they're trying to sell as a necessary thing to save our economy.

On the way home today I was listening to a talk show host who said there is an article in USA Today (buried) where a reporter asked Mr. Obama what the jobless rate will be in 2 years if the stimulus passes. He says he'll check with his economists... then comes back and says in 2 years the jobless rate is projected to be 7.2%. It's 7 percent now.

Does that make any sense to you? I'm going to do a search and see if I can find the article he referred to. I believe it was the Michael Medved show (if he's the one that does pop culture and politics, like the show, just don't get to listen to it often enough to be sure I'm connecting right name ;-).

After the call with AFP I participated in a Move Over MoveOn call with Top Conservatives on Twitter. That group is really making some inroads, especially on the stimulus. I'd highly recommend getting involved (,

There is a LOT of action happening on the anti-stimulus side, but there is also a lot of action happening in support of Obama's plan. He's reaching out to millions and millions via email and the obamazombies are doing what they're told.

Here's the latest from Americans for Prosperity. Please go sign their petition and then get all your friends to do the same. They have over 42,000 signers, but that is a drop in the bucket. We need millions to sign the petition.


Dear [insert your name]

Last night, you could feel the energy on our live telephone town hall as 10,819 American citizens joined Americans for Prosperity and Senator Jim DeMint -- the leader of the effort to defeat this big government boondoggle.

During the call one wonderful lady who asked Senator DeMint a question, Lee from Kentucky, told us that she had just gotten her power and phone service back on from the snowstorms that have buried her state and one of her first acts was to call her two senators telling them to vote NO! That's the kind of commitment we are seeing all over the country.

During the call, just over 1,500 folks logged on to and signed AFP’s petition to Congress - pushing the total number over 42,000. It's growing by the minutes as people hear about the site and join our cause. Go to, and then 10 minutes later hit the refresh button -- a hundred or more new activists will have joined you in signing up.

Today, thousands of activists from last night's call are jamming the phone lines at the U.S. Capitol telling their senators to vote NO. Senators are feeling the heat in part because of your good work.

Bloggers across the nation are pounding away with ever growing energy against this Pelosi-Reid-Obama bailout and big government bill. Just go to and search "Americans for Prosperity." Then hit the blog tab and you will see all the great Americans who were on last night's Americans for Prosperity call with Senator DeMint and then blogged about it on their sites.

On the media front, I'm still cranking through new talk radio shows across the country -- just finished one in Madison, Wisconsin.

The pressure is building and I need your help to make sure that the Senators continue to feel the heat.

I'm asking you to do at least two things:

First, Call the switchboard at the U.S. Senate to tell your Senators to vote NO on the Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending boondoggle. The number is 202-224-3121. Just ask the operator to put you through to your senator. Or, you can call the local district office for your senator.

Second, recruit at least three of your friends or family to go to and sign the petition by forwarding this email on to them and CCing me or going to our tell-a-friend page. Many people in Washington, D.C. are watching this site to see if the momentum against the Pelosi-Reid-Obama boondoggle is growing. In fact, one of Senator Kennedy's aides told one of our senior staffers last night that they "know all about our petition" and they've been watching the numbers steadily climb as American citizens like you signed the petition telling Congress not to pass this outrageous bill. The site is a way for the media and elected leaders to measure the level of opposition to this bill and that's one key reason it is so important.

At this point, we do not know when the Senate vote will occur. Senator DeMint's best guess is tomorrow or Saturday but it could slip into next week. The other side controls the timing of the vote so we've just got to keep the pressure building.

Thank you for all you're doing. We've sure come a long way in the last three weeks. Now, let's finish the job.

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity
P.S. We can win this fight. Check out this article on NRO by our National Director of Policy Phil Kerpen outlining why victory over this trillion dollar Pelosi-Reid-Obama stimulus boondoggle is in reach.

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