Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Annoy the Media: Go VoteAnd the "Common Sense Effect" By Newt Gingrich

Today marks the end of one of the most dishonest, relentlessly one-sided campaigns of bias and distortion by the mainstream media in American history.

The latest tactic in this elite media campaign has been to declare the presidential race over in an effort to discourage some voters from going to the polls. After all, if Barack Obama has already won, why should supporters of John McCain even bother to vote?

But this election won't be decided by Keith Olbermann, or CNN, or the New York Times. It will be decided by you.So annoy the mainstream media. Remember 2000. Remember how close it was. Remember how every single vote counted. Go out and vote. Now.

The Bradley Effect vs. The Common Sense EffectThe same biased media that has declared the presidential race over has also (just to be sure) come up with a rationalization in the event that their candidate loses. They call it the Bradley Effect, after the former Mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley's unsuccessful bid to be governor of California in 1982. A late election poll had Bradley, an African-American, ahead, but he went on to lose the election. His supporters and others in the media blamed his loss on the so-called Bradley Effect: the supposed tendency of voters to tell pollsters they are voting for a minority when, in fact, they refuse to once they get in the voting booth.

The Bradley Effect has been widely discredited (see here and here).

But that hasn't stopped Obama partisans in the media from assuring us that the only way Senator Obama can lose is through the Bradley Effect. In other words, the only thing that could explain an Obama loss is the fact that America is a society of closet racists.

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