Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ta Da... the Domestic Divapalooza has joined the Network

It is so much fun finding out about all these really cool blogs that are popping around on the Internet! Today we added Domestic Divapalooza,, to our fantastic list of bloggers.

We are an amazing bunch of bloggers and our new Divapalooza is a great addition.

We have a website, too... still long way to go with it, but there's something to look at until we're finished.

We had an "Old Fashioned Rally" in my current hometown of Fayetteville, Georgia. There were rallies across the state (some were Team Sarah members gathering to meet). The enthusiasm and support for McCain-Palin (mostly Palin based on the t-shirts and paraphernalia) was uplifting, contagious, and, and, and... plug in all the positive words that flit through your mind!

Afterwards I stopped in the grocery store and ran into an old friend who told me her church has been fasting one day a month for the right results in this election. It's a church so they're not saying WHO they're praying for or exactly what they want (at least from the pulpit) but I guarantee we'd all be thrilled if they impact this race with their prayers .

With all the groups across the nation that are working behind the media blanket of blankness I just know we're going to win on Tuesday!

I'm pumped. I'm excited. We're going to pull this one off and shock not just the media, but the entire world!!!

Here's a photo / video of the Old Fashioned Rally that I posted on our YouTube site (readmylipsticknw).

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Domestic Divapalooza said...

WOW! Thanks so much for introducing me as one of the newest additions to your Read My Lipstick Blog Network. Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to networking with you guys! Remember, it's not over yet and we've just begun the fight!