Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tonight we sulk, tomorrow we get back up and WORK!

I don't know how you plan to sulk and deal with the disappointment, but I'm planning on giving myself tonight for the blues. Then tomorrow I'm getting my tush in gear and plan to start working to make the next election one we can celebrate.

We have lots of tough issues to deal with. The union's private vote, FOCA, taxes, socialism, the war in Iraq and government health care are just a few issues that immediately pop into my mind as ones that should - must - keep us all engaged. This may be the most critical turning point in the history of our country. You are needed.

We have a harder road to travel right now. One negative positive is that many have had their eyes opened to the danger of the direction we're heading. Many more are going to suffer a rude awakening in the next few years.

Don't give up hope. Start thinking about what we need to do and how we can work together.


(p.s. please excuse my grammar if you find errors, I'm pooped)

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