Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My blog post from Team Sarah

I thought this might be helpful to some of you as I know we'd all like to improve our blog readership AND, more importantly, take over the Internet in the next elections so we can WIN!!! I just posted this on Team Sarah.

Gearing up for 2010 and 2012

One area we were woefully behind in during this last election was on the Internet. My goal is for us to "own" the Internet by the time the next election cycle rolls around.

I'm a member of a number of groups on Team Sarah, and I'm involved with a number of other great organizations out there that are gearing up to win in the future.

We're behind, but the things that are happening here on Team Sarah and similar sites are helping close the gap.

I have a few suggestions for all who are organizing individual groups, be it by state or by other common ties. You may be way ahead of me, but here's some of my thoughts:

- Encourage everyone in your group to start their own blog outside of Team Sarah or other organizations. Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad are the three most popular free blogging systems with Blogger probably being the easiest.
- Make sure that your group and all the individual blogs cross-post links. That helps with your visibility on the Internet. I won't bore you with details.
- Join the other networks that are springing up and post their blogrolls on your blogs and websites. I'll name a few that I know of at the end of this.
- Start a website and link all the blogs onto that website. We have the Read My Lipstick Network. Every day we're adding 1, 2, 3 or more blogs to the rolls. Everyone is fired up!
- Post comments on other people's sites and blogs.
- Share stories and make sure you post the beginning paragraph and a title link back to the article. (Copyright laws do NOT allow the full posting of news articles without permission).
- When you post a link or story on a website or blog, be sure to give credit (hat tip) to the source and link back to their blog or website. It helps you both in search engine rankings and helps your readership (plus it's the right thing to do).
- Set up a Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo and Twitter page for your group. There are other similar type services out there, the more places you're located, the quicker we'll dominate the Internet. You'll need to have people assigned to watching over those sites as you'll need to stay current.
- If you are inclined to talk rather than write and you can sit in front of a video camera, start doing commentary and put yourself on YouTube. You'll need a basic program to edit your video. Post it on Google and Yahoo, too.
- Always put key words or tags at the bottom of your blog posts and videos. Helps people to find you and it helps in search engine rankings.

There's tons more you can do, those are a few basics that popped into my mind. Chances are you have some other ideas?

Here are some networking sites to check out (these are just a few, there are many, many more!). I've included some for every leaning, moderate, conservative, former Hillary supporter, etc.:


I'm so impressed with Team Sarah and all the enthusiasm and great ideas that are being thrown out. Gives one hope for the future! You are all SO awesome.

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