Monday, November 3, 2008

Posted on Team Sarah - Visualize the WIN!!!

Had to share this with all:

Hello Fellow Citizens: I'm sharing something that was forwarded to me by Reeni. I will only add the following thoughts. I've been that little girl with the umbrella and it works! Have worked in sales and marketing for SO many years, I'd often visualize a prior success and then the success I would achieve when I approached the next client. I'd review it over and over before the meeting.

It worked so well that when I moved into management I did extensive research and created a training program that discussed this and other behavioural techniques that enhance our ability to win. At first, they thought that I was nuts. Then I convinced them to try it with an open mind.

They "drank the kool-aid" and productivity skyrocketed as did morale. God Bless America and here's the story: LET'S CELEBRATE VICTORY ON NOV 4:

Hello to all my dear New friends !!! We all need to continue to pray but also visualize OUR VICTORY, I mean it, plan what are you going to to celebrate McCain/Palin Victory. Try to visualize them of the platform happy and rejoice.


My friends, Lily's message reminded me a story I've heard at my church several years ago:

There was a big drought, (can't remember where). They have gathered all the members of the church to pray for rain. There was a girl, who came with an umbrella. People asked her: "Why do you bring an umbrella, when it hasn't rained for months? The girl answered: But we have gathered together to pray for rain, right? The results: She used the umbrella...That day it rained! LET'S BE THAT GIRL WITH THE UMBRELLA! AND ON NOVEMBER 4, AFTER EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SAID AND DONE, GOD WILL RECEIVE ALL THE GLORY, WHO MADE ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. AMEN.

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