Friday, November 28, 2008

Two (2) New Members... the Random Cheer Project... Media Blackout...

Two new members!

Annie Oakley is a PAC and a ning site, so you'll be able to sign up and talk if you'd like. It's a great idea, love the name and the thought behind it.

Our other new member is Girl Politicized ( Cool lips greet you when you pop over to the blog! She has an interesting blog talking about who Sarah Palin's VP pick might be... love the forward thinking. Most of us are gearing up for having Sarah run and she's already picking out the VP and probably the Cabinet as well.

I know I brag about you guys all the time, but it is phenomenal when you stop to think about all the brilliant and caring people on "our" side!

I get frustrated sometimes when I hear how conservatives are depicted. Supposedly we're selfish, greedy, rich capitalists... Instead we give more and we're not necessarily a group of Daddy Warbucks types, either. Look who had the money in this last election! Soros, Hollywood, the Unions, etc., etc.

Ah well... I'm working on tackling the media (hence the Media Blackout page on our website and the new Media Blackout group on Facebook). And, I've started another project (like I don't have enough to do) called the Random Cheer Project (, and it's on Facebook). It's a simple thing that came to me this morning as I was laying in bed trying to decide whether I really wanted to get up or not! Hope you'll check it out and join in spreading a smile or two. It's easy and it only costs a stamp or two to participate.

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c.a. Marks said...

OK I give. What and, more importantly, where can I find the Media Blackout thing you are speaking of?