Monday, November 24, 2008

Like to help in the Georgia run-off?

The run-off between U.S. Congressman Saxby Chambliss (R) and Jim Martin (D) is tight according to most. Each side is, of course, predicting victory. Heard today that Obama has declined to come to Georgia to help Democrat Jim Martin. Some say he would only have come if it truly were a close race and it looked like he could be on the winning side...

I rec'd the following from a Facebook group that's out there working to make sure there are enough Republicans to sustain a filibuster...

Though we are running close on time... Anyone can contact the GaGop and
volunteer to "get-out-the-vote". As of last Friday, they were willing to pay for
airfare and lodging to those that could volunteer their time from Friday the
28th to Wed Dec 3rd. The GaGop can be reached (202)421-3651 &

If you're inclined to help but money is holding you back, give the GaGOP a call or send an email. It's hot and heavy down here, I'm getting three or four mailers, robo-calls and seeing a commercial every break about the election! Unfortunately, there will still be tons of people who say they didn't even know there was a run-off...

If you can't come, ask them if you can make phone calls.

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