Friday, November 7, 2008

Great thoughts from Laura / Need to clarify

Early morning rattlings don't lend to the best clarity in writing! Laura made some great points in her comments on my earlier post re: combining forces. I'm going to expand on some of my thoughts, sorry I wasn't quite as thorough as I should have been.

I think we need the splinter groups and the smaller groups and didn't mean to infer that they all go away. We need our issues and it's important to focus on those that matter most to us.

What I'm proposing is that we have a central clearing house that lists all of those groups. Those who are in charge of the groups would communicate when there are large issues. The info would then be disseminated to their various groups. By doing that we'd all know what was going on, know to start blogging, calling, writing, etc. on the issue.

So, Read My Lipstick Network would still be active and maybe have 200 members (or 2,000 or 20,000). The Catholic Vote and other similar organizations would continue to focus on Pro-Life. The WAM group would focus on Independents and conservative Democrats (they're broader than that, just using them as an example).

However, all of the groups would be listed on and members of the main site (United Conservatives of America or whatever it may be). Individual blogs and people wouldn't be members, the groups would be members. Those at the top of each organization, those running the show, would communicate, share information.

When someone joined one of the splinter groups or sub groups like Modern Conservatives or other group, they'd get an email that said "thanks for joining Modern Conservative, here's a list of other networks you might want to join or check out". We just agree on the larger goal and support each other to ensure we are loosely bound at so we have a cohesive message.

All the member networks and the individual sub-sites would have our "symbol" which shows we're all together in this fight for our values. For instance, when you grabbed the blogroll code for the Read My Lipstick Network, there would be a tiny symbol indicating we're part of the larger group.

I guess what I'm proposing is something along the lines of what we do as Christians. We may be Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, etc., etc., etc. but we're all know that when we see the fish symbol or the cross, it means we're part of the larger group known as "Christian". We go to our church, but we are part of a larger "group"... The vast majority of Christian organizations will band together for common goals, even if they have some doctrinal differences, but they all act independently.

I know, I know... I'm proposing something that is along the lines of herding cats.

The Democratic Party seems to have mastered the technique of getting everyone in lock-step to attain certain LARGE goals. I happen to think, rightly or wrongly, that those at the top have been manipulating and affecting things to reach this time and place for many years behind the scenes. We as conservatives have been complacent, have each been focused on our little piece of heaven, or have been so focused on our smaller issues while forgetting the big picture, that we've allowed a malignant cancer to spread. We're living with the results of being divided right now.

I'd prefer that someone else take the reins and run with it, I like our little group (as compared to the bigger groups), but somehow we have to work together or they'll divide and conquer again in 2010 and 2012. Of course, who knows where we'll be by then. Many think that by the end of BHO's term there won't be a true vote anymore, it'll all be a sham and that democracy will be dead. It that's true, and we're all still around, then we're going to need a conservative underground (which is another site that I haven't checked out, but it's already up and running!).

I prefer to be positive and work toward trying to save our country, our values, our freedoms.

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Grace Explosion said...

I think it's a great idea to network all the conservative groups... because never know... might be better to start a new party with a new name that isn't attributed to the "wealth" brand of the Republican Party name.

I was wondering if Sarah could create a party that would pull Republicans and Democratic conservatives into as a new party... especially how radically left the Democrats went this year.

Ummmmm... I don't think we'll have free and fair elections in the future. But, still, we cannot function on that basis. We have to be faithful today with what we have and prepare for the future.

Furthermore, I don't personally believe that secession is treason. I, as a conservative, believe the constitution when it states that the rights of a free people to change their government.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think that Alaska has full right to ratify itself as a commonwealth just as they ratified themselves as a state.

I am one of the 23% of Americans who believe there is a constitutional right for states to secede. Seeing the extreme polarization of this election - and how Americans who WANT and DESERVE to be lead by godly leaders and to be BLESSED OF GOD as a nation.... well, we're being "forced" into a godless Marxist socialist state that commits abortion and is wicked and will be judged.

Now, I really believe, that secession would be the right thing to do to "pull out" from the Judgment of God that is coming to America.

I am going to believe in Christian secession from a Marxist state. That would have sounded way too "radical" to me - before Obama came along. But now, to me, it's a matter of survival.

I believe a Marxist state persecutes Christianity... is awful... and it's gone too far now.

So rather than NOT believing we'll have free elections again (which I don't think we will)... and not doing anything...

God could truly bless us, imo, if we would move to a specific geograhic location... and SECEDE from this union of Marxism... with GOD as our Provider, Protector, Defender in that right...

just as our founding fathers declared Independence.

I think to do so lawfully nad peacefully is a constitutional right and not wrong. I think King George was wrong for fighting the founding fathers... adn our constitution allows for the rights of secession.

In fact, if we need to clarify that in an way lawful and constitutionally - OK... but I am preparing for secession.

God is still with Christians. I believe He wants us to separate from this godless Marxist state.

We may need to secede, and start over anew... in a true return to the government our founding fathers gave us

I know that sounds radical, but if it is done lawfully, peacefully, constitutionally, and becomes a necessary response to ALL the threats of Marxism, God would bless America again.

Our America.