Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Great Article: Race Card Trumps EVERYTHING!

Special thanks to Steve Maloney, DraftPalin2012, SteveMaloneyGOP, for sharing this article. Permission granted to reprint:

Race Card Trumps EVERYTHING!

90% of the black vote went to Obama. Many blacks said they voted for him because he is black. They boldly and unapologetically made a totally racist choice. 10% of black voters, of which I am included, voted based on qualifications, character and ideology. Race and gender were irrelevant. I thought this is what the Civil Rights Movement was all about and why Dr King gave his life.

And yet my family and friends are genuinely baffled by me not voting for Obama. Call me paranoid, but I think they're planning an intervention; throw a sack over my head and haul me away in a van to an undisclosed location. They'll deprive me of food, sleep and limit my use of the bathroom. A “counselor” will say, “Repeat after me Lloyd...liberals are my friend. I am a victim of THE MAN! America sucks! Urban rappers are wise and articulate.”

Black racism is not only accepted in America today, it is encouraged and even demanded in certain circles. Blacks who do not have a chip on their shoulder or harbor, at least a minimal, resentment toward whites are called Uncle Tom. Such blacks must be fixed or punished.
Late in the campaign, it became clear that who Obama is or what he is going to do once in the White House matters little to his followers. It is all about race. Obama being the first black candidate trumped everything.

The Race Card trumped everything in the OJ trial. Despite overwhelming evidence that OJ practically beheaded the mother of his children and stabbed an innocent young man to death, it didn't matter because OJ was black. His victims were white. The OJ trial became Affirmative Action for the mistreatment of blacks in American courts. When the verdict came in, 'not guilty', black America cheered. OJ's race even trumped him being a murderer. Again, I found myself on the opposite side of my family, friends and most of black America.

So, now we have our first black president. We're expected to ignore that he has known ties to terrorists. He has known ties to a corrupt far left political organization. His abortion views equal infanticide. He attended an anti-American racist church for 20 years. Talk about a thin resume; Obama went from community organizer to 143 days in the Senate to president of the United States. And yet, none of this matters. Obama's skin color trumps everything because America wanted it's first black president. I've heard it said, “Be careful what you wish for”.

Lloyd Marcus,
Black Conservative
President, NAACPC

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