Saturday, November 1, 2008

The FINAL 72 Hours!!! Let's Get Out There And WIN!!!

(From the campaign)


We just finished up a very successful afternoon holding our final McCain Nation Super Saturday events.

Supporters in every state in the nation gathered together to reach out to undecided voters through phone calls and door knocks. The broad support John McCain and Sarah Palin have is really changing the dynamic of this race.

Governor Palin even took a few minutes from her busy campaign schedule to call in to a special conference call and give an update from the road. We were all excited to hear that the crowds at campaign rallies are more enthusiastic than ever as we get closer to Election Day.

This is it. The final 72 hours of the campaign is now underway and we're extremely encouraged by what we see from polling in the swing states.

Our get-out-the-vote efforts to date have already surpassed the efforts from the 2004 Bush campaign at this point and we're building on these efforts to expand the number of undecided voters we reach between now and Election Day to secure victory. The Obama campaign is stepping up their own get-out-the-vote efforts in the final days and we must not only match, but exceed them to win.

That's where you come in. We need you to take just a few minutes out of your day to take part in our virtual Super Saturday by making calls this evening (or tomorrow) through our online phone bank.

No prior volunteer or campaign experience is needed to make these calls. You only need your computer, a phone and a desire to see John McCain and Sarah Palin elected as our next president and vice president.

Our online phone bank is very easy to use. Simply follow this link, choose a state, and we'll provide names, phone numbers and call scripts. All you need to do is make the call, read the script and record the results. You'll even catch a special video message from John McCain if you make calls.

If I missed anyone on this email who you think would be interested in helping out with these calls, please don't hesitate to forward this email on to them. All are welcome to make these calls.

I can't thank you enough for your dedication to John McCain and Sarah Palin. We're excited to make history and grateful for your involvement.

Sincerely, Christian Ferry
Deputy Campaign Manager

P.S. In the final 72 hours, we need you to make calls to undecided voters. It only takes 20 minutes of your time. Please follow this link immediately to start making calls. Don't wait until it's too late - help make history right now. Thank you

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