Thursday, November 6, 2008

MORE New Members!

We have not one, not two... but THREE new member blogs!

Vets on the Watch -

Real World Libertarian -

The Drone Report -

The blogroll is still down for the count, but I hear we're getting closer... You'll know the blogroll is working when you see the logo at the top of it change a bit.

Please add these great blogs to those you follow and read!

You have all made some great posts these past few days. I hope you plan to continue blogging! The world needs your voices more than ever right now and doubly so in the days to come. (our new "home") is coming along great. If you'll go visit and comment, we'd appreciate your input. If you click the "Read our Blogs" tab you'll see that we're slowly but surely adding each of your blogs on their own page. We're adding a few things in the background to your blogs (no we're not monkeying with your actual blog) that will help direct traffic to your blog site. We're going to do our best to make YOU famous in a positive way.

Keep an eye out for our new site, (ucoa). Nothing there yet, but there will be!

Send us links to blogs you think would "fit" in our network. The election is over and our emphasis has broadened to include conservative bloggers AND those who are working to get conservatives in office (and / or to help elect Sarah Palin our next President).

Enjoy our three new blogs!

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