Saturday, November 15, 2008

Internet Infantry

The ranks of our Internet Infantry for Sarah and Conservative Values keeps growing! How's that for a title? I tried to set up Internet Army, but someone already had it... so I went with Internet Infantry. Have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I woke up this morning thinking about how we were building an Internet army. I thought it was a cool title for a blog and thus, once I had my first cup of hot tea, I tried.

If you're out wandering around the Internet, reading blogs, seeing the new websites popping up all over the place, you have to be excited about the, well, the excitement . I'm talking with so many different networks and movements that are growing daily, getting their ducks in a row, setting up shop for the next elections.

Yes, it's also scary as I read all the speculation and facts that are bubbling up about Egobama. If one half of what is being said about him is true we are in for some bad times these next few years.

The goal right now of the Democratic Party is to decimate the Republican Party, make them completely irrelevant. If we lose that balance, there will be no stopping the rampant run to socialism.

Even if you're not in Georgia or Minnesota, please get involved in those two races. There's not much you can do for Norm Coleman since that's in the hands of the powers that be as they do the recount. It's not looking good with an ACORN advocate in charge. However, I know the Republican Party and / or Norm Coleman could use a few dollars to help pay attorneys to watch over the recount and litigate if needed. If you are an attorney you might want to volunteer your time.

In Georgia, foot soldiers are needed. Money is needed. Phone calls, letters, any kind of help. Google Saxby Chambliss, the Republican National Committee or the Georgia Republican Party and do what you can to help.

That's enough for an early morning rant!!!

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