Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another new member...

Here's our latest members: The Sarah Palin Blog,

Be sure to say "welcome" and if you like what you read when you visit, "follow" them if you're on Blogger!

We've grown from around ten blogs a few weeks before the election to 76 at the moment and we're affiliated with many, many other networks and groups which helps YOUR readership! I can't wait until we break 2,000 .

Thanks again for all your hard work and finger tapping. Keep those brains in tip-top shape as we're going to need to use every scrap of intelligence and wit we can muster in the next few years.

I know sometimes it seems like you're just venting or, on our worst days, wasting time... but you are NOT. We all give what we can and believe me it all adds up to one powerful movement! I remember in church having the minister or Sunday School teacher talk about how we make up the body. Some of us may just be that toe that keeps getting stubbed but we're building calluses! We all have a vital part and every short blog, every piece of information you share, every thought you type into your blog is meaningful. You never know who's reading and who you're reaching.

Have a GREAT Thursday!

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