Friday, November 7, 2008

Working together to build a better Internet force

In the past few weeks I've seen a proliferation of networks, movement and groups forming on the Internet. Grassfire, WAM08, Modern Conservatives, Liberty Coalition of America, my very own Read My Lipstick Network and our new United Conservatives of America just to name a very few of the ones I've heard about. Team Sarah has also been a huge force in this election giving us all a place to gather and talk, encourage and get our marching orders!

Somehow we have to find a way to work as a cohesive force rather than a thousand splintered groups. We need an umbrella organization that joins all the groups together so we CAN have an impact. Divided we fall, united we WIN.

I've been emailing back and forth with a number of groups because I came up with the idea of United Conservatives of America (UCOA) to act as the umbrella organization to list all the networks, movements and resistance. However, it turns out everyone wants their group to be top of the so-called heap, so UCOA would just be another splinter. [Note: the networks I mentioned in the first paragraph are not in that category, we're all working together nicely and they're great folks! I encourage you to get involved / join all of them.]

The groups / sites / movements are willing to list mine if I'll list theirs (which of course I will). I've replied that I'll be happy to do so and that I don't really care who's "in charge" of the main site, it can be their site, but we need to have some central way of communicating and walking together albeit in loose lock-step. Problem is, there are so many that want to be the main site that no one is going to end up being a main clearing station for groups. Everyone is building their own little kingdom. Can't say I blame them, we're all fired up and want to DO something right now!

We're independent. That's one of the things that makes conservatives so special. We aren't drones and we're willing to roll up our sleeves and work... independently .

I believe our independence works against us to some degree. We get bogged down with an issue that in the scheme of things doesn't mean much. We lose the big picture while fighting over the little things. Most of us are intelligent, strong, individuals which makes it even harder to play together for any length of time.

We have to find a way to check our egos and learn to work together without giving up our own values.

The election was a prime example of how our egos and independence hurt our common cause. Remember when some of "OUR" guys started attacking Sarah Palin? Questioning McCain's choice? Did they really think that was going to get John McCain elected? Ego. They wanted to be right, to sell a column, or get on a talk show (or be able to claim they were the 'first' to discover the problem). They weren't looking at the big picture. Much as I decry the mainstream media and the libs, they put their little differences aside for the most part and painted a unified picture. We were divided and we lost. (Yes, I know that's not the only reason ;-)

Somehow if we are going to survive as conservatives, if we are going to reverse this trend, we have to find a common goal that unites us. We have to be willing to work toward a larger goal together. We need what the libs say they have (and don't), a 'big tent" approach.

Some of you are working on manifestos, common causes, banding together and getting others to join your groups. Some have started networks, petitions, plans of action, movements, etc.

Let's figure out a way to pull all of everyone's efforts together. I don't care who gets the credit and whose organization is the biggest, I want to take back our country and make it the strong, principled, free country it should be and has been. Our values and principles are being eroded as I type. Our inability to play together is going to be our downfall.

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Grace Explosion said...

Hi Janet,

If a group gets large, then it puts out the fire. A person is lost in the crowd and doesn't feel like they have any voice or are heard or anything more than a blip on the screen instead of a person actually networking on an interactional - two-way, personal level. So I wanna stay in my splinter group. I did join "Team Sarah"... but kinda in "name only". I won't be active in so large a group. Too impersonal and disconnected to hold my attention is how I personally feel.

Suggestion?? Point to ponder??

Can you just be our "group leader" and can you just be our representative?? Like how a group can be a state that's part of the nation?? With a state Senator in Congress??

Can you just present to us groups to join... and have us take a look... but I don't want to get melded into that group as primary.

I don't want to become a member in a group that "loses me" in the crowd. I'd rather be a local chapter... and let you present hte different groups... and be a group leader.

Governor Sarah Palin is my touchpoint. She's someone I connect with and I'll be energized in connection to. I do need a person... otherwise there's no real "touchpoint" with a bunch of words that even I agree with that who is going to represent us to "carry out" and be our leader??

So, I want to STAY pro-Governor Palin as the head and leader of my personal movement. She moves me.

But I can join a larger group also.

Just wanna keep it not mammoth like Team Sarah on the larger one group scale.

Thoughts for whatever it's worth.


Jem said...

Janet and Laura,

I've been thinking, too, about what to do next. One thing that's called for is helping other women become better informed about what's going on politically. Moms should be highly motivated to do this, because their children are at stake here. Gone are the days when we can ignore the political world, imo.

First comes education, then action. I've been trying to think of the best way to approach this. I might ask you for help at some point to write (in blog form?) a "politics for dummies" or political wiki for beginners. ???

This is what's got me afraid right now: