Monday, November 3, 2008

Last message of the night

I'm poll watching tomorrow (first time ever) and have to be there at 6:15 to see them set the machines... I'm usually sleeping at that time of day so will be interesting to see what I'm feeling like as I watch the last machine closed up tomorrow night!!!

I know I'll be up all night watching election results just like most of you!

I added a slide show to our new site ( tonight. Steve in Pennsylvania sent some beautiful photos taken by a friend of a friend (Penny). I need to lighten a few of them up, but will have to do it Wednesday.

I've added some blog logos to the slide show and would like to add more. If you'd like your blog logo included please send it to readmylipstick at and I'll add it. I'll send an email when I recover from this grueling election and the finale tomorrow (unless it drags on in litigation!).

One last thing --- go check out! You'll see the photos and you'll see the future. We're joining forces with groups across the country as we prepare for the next four plus years. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, know that we are all going to be needed more than ever.

I'm visualizing a win tomorrow!!! We can't let our country go down the Obama road!!!


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