Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah on with Wolf Blitzer tonight...

Message from Draft Palin for President below. I just went and signed up, hope you will, too. If they're talked about tonight on the show it will be virtually impossible to sign up for a while afterwards!


Tonight on CNN’s The Situation Room, anchored by Wolf Blitzer….

Sarah Palin one on one with Wolf at 6pm.

Also, Draft Palin For President (http://www. will be talked about.

Someone from CNN has already interviewed us and gave the story to Wolf. The entire show is from 4pm to 7pm eastern time. Of course as he stated, it\'s still up to Wolf Blitzer on how and when he talks about the site.

We will do our best to have any video of the site on the web site as soon as we can.

Spread the word, our voice is about to be heard!

Just so you know, our current numbers are now 63,637 people for Sarah as of this email.

Draft Sarah Palin For President

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