Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Continuing to grow!

FIVE, count 'em, five new blogs and /or websites are joining our ranks! It's amazing how many of us there are out there blogging our hearts out for the future!

Read My Lipstick Print - www.readmylipstickprint.blogspot.com
Pundit & Pundette - http://punditandpundette.blogspot.com
Black n' Right - http://www.blacknright.wordpress.com
Sarah-Cuda 2012 - www.sarah-cuda2012.com
Sarah for President - http://www.sarahforpresident.us/

We're building a force to be reckoned with and YOU are all part of it! The Sarah-Cuda 2012 is on fire! They are going to be big movers and shakers in the upcoming years. Ditto on the one below it, Sarah for President.

Thanks for everything you're doing to preserve our country.

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