Thursday, November 13, 2008

Other Palin for Prez sites

Since I posted that last bit about Sarah for President 2012 I've rec'd a number of comments with other sites promoting her in 2012.

The sites I listed in that blog are those where I know the owners and the Read My Lipstick Network is partnering with to some degree. They are members of the Network and / or have our blogroll and / or logo link on their sites.

We will be happy to add all Palin supporting or conservative leaning blogs to the Network membership. Please consider joining the Network and we'll promote your site, too! (It's free, all you have to do is post our blogroll on your sidebar or the front page of your site).

There's information at the top of the blog telling you how to join.

Thanks to ALL, member or not, who are out there working hard to support Sarah Palin and / or conservative causes. We are going to need to pull together over these next few years to survive what's already in the works by the upcoming administration.

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