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More on the Obama birth certificate issue

In the past two days I've rec'd two separate emails regarding the ongoing issue with Barack Obama's missing birth certificate. I don't understand why the guy just doesn't produce it and be done with the mess IF there's nothing to the issue. Why is he fighting it in court??? Why is this an issue for him? The first group (I believe) is raising money to hire a forensic specialist to examine the document Obama posted. I'll let you read through the following email info (separated by *** line) and then I'd encourage you to go out and do a bit of investigating for yourself. Linda Shaw, who sent the first email, has been outstanding when it comes to keeping people posted on the issue. The second I rec'd as a forward from Sparrow Girls (one of our member blogs).


There is going to be a full page open letter to Obama published in the Chicago Tribune on Monday 12/1 and also on Wed. 12/3. It will appear in the main news section. Then there is going to be a DC National Press Club Event on Dec 8th. This fight will go on until the birth certificate is released.

In the ad, we are asking Obama to

immediately direct the appropriate Hawaiian officials to allow access to the vault copy of your birth certificate by our forensic scientists on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 5, 6 and 7, 2008.

See Open Letter to Obama.

Time is running out and this needs to be done.If you could put out the information on any of your groups/blogs, etc. and if you can pledge a donation, it will be appreciated. I have written Doug and Lee about using a paypal account instead of having to mail a donation in order to get the funds faster. I hope to hear back from them by tomorrow. This is the letter that is going out. I am going to send to some of the pacs. If you have suggestions as to someone to send it to, please let me know. I am also in the middle of the petition drive for the Media Reform with W.A.M. so I appreciate any help I can get.

“Saving Our Constitution”
432 Logan Ct.King, NC 27021
(336) 983-7655




I am contacting you today on behalf of the Democratic Disaster Organization, a rapidly growing, successful grassroots movement, to ask you to PLEASE DONATE MONEY. We want to ensure that the Constitutional requirements to run for President are enforced. We believe that the Constitution is the foundation for all our laws: that we must be a nation ruled by law and not “Who one knows”, or “how much money I donated to a candidate” or the whims of the fleeting moment. We are engaged in a struggle to stop the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

The 2008 election has been very troubling to me, as so much information about our President-elect has been hidden from the voters. Senator Obama’s vault birth certificate, medical, college records, etc., have NOT been made available to the people.

All other Presidential candidates made this information available.

Instead of producing his records, Mr. Obama has spent many thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them hidden. Why? What motivation would Senator Obama have for doing this?

The mainstream media has ignored the mounting evidence questioning Mr. Obama’s qualifications under the Constitution. Further, what little that has been provided by the Obama Campaign appears to be highly suspect and questionable such as, but not limited to, the electronic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that appeared on Senator Obama’s official campaign website and has been shown by a forensic scientist to be “doctored.”

Then there is the’s website that makes false and misleading claims. Factcheck failed to examine the original vault copy of Senator Obama’s birth certificate; they only examined an “official copy” of a Certificate of Live Birth. Yet they claimed that the vault birth certificate was “for real.”

The FACT is that no one has had the opportunity to look at the original vault birth certificate, even the Supreme Court of the USA. There has been no team of document forensic scientists who examined the vault birth certificate for authenticity. Senator Obama has demanded that no one be allowed to look at this vault birth certificate under penalty of criminal prosecution. The ONLY way to see it is by Court Order.

The mainstream media has also ignored the numerous legal cases being filed from all over the United States asking Senator Obama to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

I joined Democratic-Disaster to make sure the Constitution is honored. I wanted to make a difference. I hope you feel the same way. We have contacted the Electors in all the states and asked them to join us in a class action suit to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be President. We have had favorable replies. The Electors have “standing” before the Courts.

If you feel as we do, please go to our website at:

If you have any questions before making a donation, feel free to contact:

Dr. Douglas W. Schell
Chair of Democratic Disaster
432 Logan Ct.King, NC 27021
Phone: 336-983-7655

Your financial support and prayers will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to join this effort, please e-mail Dr. Schell at: or you may use the form below to enclose a check in the return envelope.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

For Constitutional Government,
Enclosed is my check to support the efforts of Democratic Disaster in upholding our Constitution.
___________________________ Please make check payable to:
Name___________________________ DEMOCRATIC DISASTER
City, State, Zip_________________________________


2nd email I rec'd:

1 last chance to fight for our Constitution
Posted: November 18, 20081:00 am Eastern© 2008

Former Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg filed a lawsuit addressing the citizenshipstatus of Barack Obama before the Democratic National Convention and copied Democratic Chairman Howard Dean. It should have alerted them that there was a possible problem before they selected their nominee. But that problem was ignored. Other lawsuits filed before Nov. 4 were also ignored, placing us in what could be a constitutional crisis.

The good news is the real election hasn't taken place yet. The Electoral College doesn't meet until Dec. 15. That gives us less than a month to find the answers to the looming questions regarding whether Barack Obama meets the constitutional requirements for the office of president.
The courts don't seem to be in any hurry to take up their responsibility as guardians of the Constitution, so now Congress must step in. You see, members of Congress are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and when they vote in January to confirm (or reject) the vote of the Electoral College, they can't very well do that unless they know=2 0for certain that the basic constitutional requirements for office have been met.

An ad running this week in the Washington Times Weekly asks three questions America needs to know: "Was Barack Obama really born in Kenya?" "Is he really a citizen of Indonesia?" And, "Does the Constitution still matter?"

As I wrote about last week, there are many reasons to doubt whether Barack Obama meets the requirements for the office of president. First, there's that pesky tape from Sarah Obama, Barack'sgrandmother, where she says, "I was in the delivery room in (Mombosa) Kenya when he was born Aug. 4, 1961." Secondly, there's the matter of U.S. law. If only one parent was an American citizen, as in Obama's case, the law at the time of Obama's birth required one parent to have been an American citizen for at least 10 years – five of which had to have happened after the age of 14. Since Obama's mother was only 18 at the time of Obama's birth, he would not qualify as an American citizen if his grandmother is right ab out him being born abroad.

Thirdly, there's no original birth certificate – just a "certification of live birth" posted on a website experts say is forged and altered. Fourthly, there's the issue of Indonesian citizenship, which is a prerequisite to attending school there. Add to that the fact that Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, is listed as his father on his Indonesian school records. If he had U.S. citizenship, according to Indonesian law, he would have lost it when he attended school there or if he was adopted by his stepfather as his records indicate.

As the ad proclaims, "The Constitution matters" and is still worth defending. All we are asking is that Congress takes their oath to defend it seriously. If Obama can prove he meets the basic but essential constitutional requirements, fine, he'll serve legally. But if he cannot provide simple proof, then he cannot. We're not asking for the world here, just the original birth certificate that each of us delivers when getting a passport, driver's license or Social Security card. If we can't tell the clerk at the post office to check out the digital photo of a certificate posted online, neither should the guy running for president. Members of Congress: If you have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, now's the time to keep it.

But I know the reasons for your hesitancy. I've faced them myself and have come to the conclusion that if one of our founders, Patrick Henry, could proclaim, "Give me liberty or give me death," we can face our fears and stand for the document they penned that outlines our God-given rights to freedom. What if we asked our Founding Fathers, many of whom lost everything in the battle for our nation, if they think the Constitution is still worth defending? They already answered that question with their lives.

But what about the objections?

"Obama won the popular election." So did Al Gore. But George W. Bush is still president. That's because the Electoral College decides – and in this case, it hasn't yet. In fact, the electors can't fulfill their solemn oath to uphold the Constitution unless they know the candidates meet the basic constitutional requirements for office.

"This should have happened long before now." That's true, but the cases filed before Nov. 4 were ignored by the courts, and the answers to these basic questions were never answered. There is still time for those answers since the real election has not yet happened.

"They'll be riots in the streets."This objection is much like the reaction of Kenya to Obama's candidate of choice, Raila Odinga, who incited violence and the burning of hundreds of churches (not a single mosque) when he lost the race. Obama raised a million dollars for this upstanding guy and assigned a Senate staffer to help him. To bring the violence to an end, the Kenyan government put Odinga – the guy who lost the election – in office to keep him from burning more churches. They failed the first rule of the playground: Confront the bully; don't appease him. Threats of violence must be met with fierce resistance, not appeasement.

"I better not be public on this because I'll become a target." News flash: If you believe in life, liberty and the family, you already are a target. The henchmen are selected; the gallows for our freedoms are already being built. And the only candidate in history to never move an inch to the center during the campaign has no intentions of changing his agenda of outlawing our viewpoint with the "unfairness doctrine," "thought crimes," "The Employment Non Discrimination Act" the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and all the rest. As I wrote about in my book, "The Criminalization of Christianity" (which will surely come true if we don't act now), "Never fail to do the right thing for fear that the opposition will attack you in response. The other side can and will attack you anyway, at a time of their own choosing rather than yours, regardless of whether you act."

"We'll just beat him in four years." In four years, we won't be able to recognize what's left of our country. And if you think taking on this issue right now is hard, try doing it when our radio airwaves are shut down and our freedoms are stripped from us, as he has promised to do. And with Obama's promise to pass the so-called Freedom of Choice Act as "the first thing" he does, you can say goodbye to the notion of protecting unborn children again – and goodbye to every law in all 50 states that notifies parents, keeps our tax dollars from footing the abortion bill and prevents even a single partial-birth abortion.

"They'll say I'm a 'racist' and call it 'sour grapes.'" Our Founding Fathers faced death, we face name-calling. Right now our U.S. soldiers are being shot at for the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. If the Constitution isn't worth undergoing some name calling, then the oath taken to defend it means nothing.

"Somebody else will do it." They haven't. And time is running out.

"It's not my responsibility."The lower court in Philadelphia threw out Phil Berg's case (which is now before the U.S. Supreme Court) based not on the merits, but on the issue of "standing," and pointed to the need for Congress to act. If the questions of constitutionality are not met before Congress is called upon to uphold the vote of the Electoral College, they cannot fulfill their oath and duty to uphold and defend the Constitution. If we are willing to ignore the constitutional requirements for the highest office in our land, what else are we willing to forgo? That part about free speech? Freedom of the press? Freedom of religion?

"We deserve what we got."That's true, so did the people of Nineveh who asked, "Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that we may not perish?" If you're unfamiliar with the story recorded in Jonah, God didn't give the Ninevites what they deserved; and even though the judgment was pronounced against them, when they fasted, prayed, sought God and turned from their wicked ways, God had mercy and spared them from judgment.

"It's impossible." With God, all things are possible. Eight years ago the election was called for Al Gore, and he never took office. If God is the same today as He was yesterday, He can still split the sea, raise the dead, stop the sun and reverse the results of the popular vote if the basic requirements of the Constitution are not met in the candidate.

"He's constitutionally qualified." Great. Then it won't be hard to prove it.

The Electoral College votes on Dec. 15 – we now have less than 30 days of freedom left. How will you spend it?20Will you "safely" keep quiet about our nation's most important document, or will you step forward to defend it?

There's a replica of William Wallace's sword hanging on my wall. It reminds meof his words captured in the movie "Braveheart":

William Wallace: I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as freemen, and freemen you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?

Man: No … we will run … and we will live.

William Wallace: Aye. Fight and you may die. Run and you'll live – at least a while. And, dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies, that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!

Congress, you were elected for such a time as this. Don't miss your moment in history to def end the Constitution you were sworn to uphold. Not extreme. Not fringe. Just constitutional. A thorough investigation must be conducted to ensure the basic constitutional requirements for the office of president have been met. It is not just your right – it is your duty. And you have less than 30 days to act. You have the freedom right now that you will never have again. You can fight to defend the Constitution of the United States, or you can run. As William Wallace asked, the question is: Will you fight?

Call your representative in Congress at 202-224-3121 and ask them to hold immediate congressional hearings to investigate and ensure the basic constitutional requirements for the office of president have been met.

Fast and pray.

Place the "Three Unanswered Questions" ad in newspapers across the country and post it online everywhere.

Donate to defend the Constitution. We'll place more ads if you'll help:
E-mail this to everyone on your list, and call on the media to report this constitutional crisis.

Janet Porter is president of Faith2Action*: turning people of faith into people of action to WIN the cultural war TOGETHER for life, liberty and the family. Author of "The Criminalization of Christianity," she hosts a daily radio program from 2-3 p.m. Eastern and a daily radio commentary heard in 100 markets and at* Title and affiliation for identification purposes only.


Ted said...

On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).

Chris Miller said...

Supposedly today, Obama's legal team has to respond to the Berg case at the Supreme Court. Interesting times coming for our country. For the soundtrack, listen to "Where Were You Born," from my conservative rock album "We the People!!"

Lipstick Network rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow Palin voters,
All you have got to do is google this."Cloward-Piven strategy".This will help you to really understand what is happening to our beloved America.God save us all.