Sunday, November 2, 2008

We keep attracting great blogs to the RMLN!

Here's another great blog we're adding to our rolls: Crypt News and Views ( Normally I just tell you a bit about the blog and ask you to add it to your lists, etc., but I liked what blog owner Hank had to say so I'm sharing it verbatim:

Veteran (Vietnam and Yom Kipper) and former post commander, Jewish War Veterans. On the net since 1982. A fallen Democrat (g). Worked in the White House in 50s for IKE (McCain is my Ike Republican). Worked in the War Room for General Ted LeMay (coldest of the cold warriors in the 60s).. ETC... Love Palin. If Obama wins the country will never be the same again.

One of these days we're going to have to have a Read My Lipstick Meet and Greet so we can all get to know each other in person! Can't you see a RMLN reunion every four years as we meet to share tales and exploits .

On a funny note, I had a guy try to sign his blog up on here who was anti-Palin. Well, duh, like we're not going to go check out the blogs before adding them? Even though the title kind of clued me in (something about when pigs fly ;-), I popped over to take a look and found, not surprisingly, another really nasty lib trashing those who don't agree with the lib view of the world.

In days gone by the Democratic Party was known as the Party of inclusion, peace, love and unity. Something happened along the way and they have lost all or most of the goodness (not saying there aren't any good Democrats left around as I have some great Democratic friends... I also have quite a few who've moved to Independent or Republican or Libertarian status).

I hope, really hope, that when John McCain takes the helm in January that we can work toward getting along and finding common goals and principles. However, I figure that more than likely the media and libs will feel the need to tear down and twist everything John McCain and Sarah Palin try to do.

After the election, whichever way it may go, stay strong and keep on blogging. There's going to be a strong, strong need for conservative bloggers!

We only have a few short hours left... find three new people who haven't made up their minds and get them out to VOTE for John McCain and Sarah Palin!!!

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