Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fayette County Georgia Repubican Headquarters Evacuated

Well, I was getting bored and was joking with the poll workers about how to stay awake during the lulls between voters. I got so bored I walked outside and called to see if I could go check on another poll and discovered that the Fayette County Republican Headquarters was on lock-down as they had received a suspicious package.

The local Fayetteville Police were there already, checking on it.

They weren't happy when I showed up with my Fayette Front Page press credentials and started taking pictures as they wanted to keep it low key and hadn't sent it out across the airwaves for some reason

So, we got an exclusive and beat everyone else to the punch (yeah on that, boo on the reason

Anyway, a package was delivered from Michael the Archangel, Divine Intervention Way, Holy Cow, JC, 33666. It was addressed to Josh Bonner, the Chairman of the local Republican Party.

Some volunteers found the package and, once they saw the return address, notified local law enforcement

In short order the entire block was evacuated, a bomb sniffing dog brought it, the Crime Scene Unit and more police than I could count were blocking entrance ways and checking out the area

My understanding is that whoever the "Archangel" is, he or she or they, is/are known to the Feds. When I left to come write a follow-up story to the one we posted on the Fayette Front Page earlier, the Fayetteville police were waiting on the Feds to take over. I was told the U.S. Postal Inspector was heading in our direction to x-ray the package and, if it looked safe enough, they'd be taking it away for examination

I think I prefer boredom

In a little while I'm going to go back over to the polls and finish out the night with the voters.

I'm hearing all kinds of tales of Black Panther's blocking entrance to polls up north, law suits being filed because poll watchers aren't being allowed access and long lines. It's going to be a long night.

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