Monday, November 17, 2008

Vote for Sarah, Times Magazine's Person of the Year

Who Will Be Person of the Year 2008? Barack Obama? Gordon Brown? Michael Phelps?

Click through the pros and cons of our finalists for Person of the Year and vote for the candidates you think are most deserving.

Well at the moment, Sarah Palin has over 6,000 votes and the next person behind her is only 2000 votes and that's Barack Obama. Go to the link below and cast your votes.

Vote a 10 for Sarah Palin and a 1 for all the others if you like.

Remember, Time Magazines person of the year is always interviewed by Barbara Walters on ABC. So that will put Sarah back in the news where she needs to be.

(Hi all... I just voted and Sarah has over 11,000 votes now!!! Spread the word, let's keep her up there at the top. The only downside I see is that it's the Times and they won't be able to resist tossing some digs in when they write the story. But the pluses outweigh the negatives I think! - Janet)

Thanks to:
Draft Sarah Palin For President
for an email letting me know about this one!

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