Saturday, November 8, 2008

TWO New Members

You're going to like both of our two newest blog members! - Michelle McIntosh - Pink Elephant Pundit

It's funny, I was somewhat down Tuesday night (and I'm still not thrilled), but all of the enthusiasm, the way everyone is pulling together and looking forward is very uplifting. We have a huge fight and everything our country was founded upon is under assault. Yet it seems to be bringing out the best in many! We understand where we are and what's at stake and we are drawing a line in the sand and standing our ground! Not only are we standing our ground, but we're going after what has been lost.

You all are so awesome! I think before it's all said and done we're going to face some challenges we never thought we'd see in our lifetime. However, the spirit that made this country so special still lives in the hearts of you and many, many others. We will make a difference.

Thanks to the two new blog owners who've joined our network! We need a million more like them. Please add them to your "follow" lists and send them a welcome message!

The blogroll is STILL down, but they say they're working on it. Everyone is out looking for an alternative but so far they're about it. Seems strange doesn't it that so many depend on that one blogroll service? It's a huge undertaking and it's wonderful that they offer something like that at no cost.

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