Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogroll update # 438,392

It seems like our blogroll has been down for ages... and it has. We're in the same boat as countless blogrolls across the Internet. I think I have about 30 blogs I now have in the hopper waiting to be added to the blogroll.

I'm sorry to all of our newest members. I am still searching for an alternative. There's a blogroll on here, but the code is only good on your individual blog. It doesn't have a logo and all the other bells and whistles "our" blogroll has either.

I'm going to give them through the rest of this week then I guess I'll have to shell out some money and buy a program so we can keep up with our own. We could get hacked just as easily as them so I'm not really wanting to go that route, I have enough to do just trying to keep up with my work and all you wonderful, lively bloggers!

Getting to know all of you, and all of the others who've found me through our Network, has been a great experience. It gives me hope for the future of our country and our world.

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