Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stop Obama in Georgia

As most of you know, Georgia's election is still in play. Incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss is in a run-off against Democrat Jim Martin. There will be a run-off on December 2nd, primarily because Georgia requires a 50% plus one win. Saxby missed winning by less than 1% due to a Libertarian candidate taking a chunk of votes. I'm not begrudging having a Libertarian in the race by any means, but it would have been a bit easier if he or Martin had taken just 1% fewer votes!

As I type I understand that Republican Norm Coleman is down to a 206 win against Democrat Al Franken in Minnesota. Who knows what will happen when they get to the official recount of votes? I'm hoping Coleman will hang in there, but it seems there have been quite a few questionable happenings already. The attempts to steal the election continue!

The Democrats desperately need a win in Georgia and Minnesota to ensure a filibuster-proof majority.

The Democratic Party is going to throw everything they have at Georgia. Having managed campaigns, I know how difficult it is to win in a run-off. People aren't engaged and usually only the die-hard voters come out. The guy on top often loses simply because everyone figures he / she has it made.

Georgia is going to need the support of every single one of you and a million more like you! The two bits below were sent out from NewsMax. They both ask for money, which is fine if that's what you'd like to do. I think what will be needed most is foot-soldiers. We'll need people making phone calls. We'll need you to contact your friends and distant relatives. We'll need you knocking on doors if you can spare some time.

If you'd like to help you can donate below, or visit and sign up to help. I'm sure the Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republican Party would also be happy to have your help. We have to make one final push to stop Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Franks and friends from ripping the Constitution to shreds.


The Election Is Not Over
By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Barack Obama has been elected president, but the Senate has not been fully chosen.
Hanging in the balance is, perhaps, the fate of the center-right free market system that has brought America decades of success and prosperity.

The Democrats now have 57 senators, having gained open seats in New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia and having defeated Republican incumbents in New Hampshire (Sununu), North Carolina (Dole), and Oregon (Smith). But races in Minnesota and Alaska will be decided by recounts.

Republicans are leading in both but, particularly in Minnesota, the margin is too thin for comfort. And, in Georgia, Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss was forced into a runoff against his Democratic opponent, Jim Martin.

We can’t do much about Minnesota and Alaska, but we sure can do a lot to hold onto the seat in Georgia. And it just might be that seat that marks whether or not we will be able to sustain a filibuster of Obama’s socialist legislation.

If the Democrats prevail in Minnesota and Alaska, they will have 59 seats. Chambliss’ could be the 60th.

If there is one lesson that is plain from the election, it is that conservatism is too important to trust to the Republican Party! A runoff election is a get-out-the-vote contest, and the Republican Party has proven woefully inept at such matters. In the election, the proportion of the vote cast by Republicans dropped from 1.3 percent above the Democrats to 2.6 percent below them.

The Democrats won the election of 2008 because they got their vote out and the Republicans lost it because they did not.

The same thing can happen in Georgia.

Conservatives should go online, right now, and donate to

Only a group like this one, The National Republican Trust PAC, which sponsored the Rev. Wright ads that delivered all the undecided vote to McCain in the election, has the flexibility and focus to do what the Republican Party should be doing on its own. And we cannot sit back and let complaisance and over confidence lead us to another election day debacle.

Georgia went for McCain, of course, but it is ominous that even though the Republicans carried the state by 6 points, Chambliss fell short of the vote he needed to avoid a runoff.

To assure that the Democrat — a liberal named Jim Martin —doesn’t win this seat, too, we have to mobilize to get Georgians to see Martin for the liberal he is. Martin is a straight party-line Democrat who can be counted on to do Harry Reid’s bidding. It is time to discard to lame approach Republicans so often take and come out swinging.

That’s what plans to do if they get enough in voluntary donations.

The Obama victory really started with the organization of in the bitter climate of Clinton’s impeachment. Since then, the left-wing cyber-roots groups have amassed millions of e-names, piled up hundreds of millions in contributions, and mobilized and expanded their base.

It is through groups like that we, conservatives, must rely on if we are to take our country back.

But right now, the key battleground is Georgia, and we have to hold the line there.


Note from the National Republican Trust PAC:

As we speak the Democratic party and groups like are preparing to move millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers into Georgia to defeat Republican Saxby Chambliss and put his pro-Obama opponent into the Senate. We can stop Obama and the Democrats. Our effort is crucial because voter turn-out may be low. Please donate to us today by Going Here Now or call our Donor Hotline at 1-866-957-1467

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